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Our teachers are qualified, state-certified instructors dedicated to
further professional development. They provide a learning environment which allows
for inter-personal relationships among all students, parents and faculty.
They are also ministers of the Gospel who serve the student and the parent,
who understand and are concerned about the students' lives, and are committed
to presenting quality education with strong morals and self-discipline.

Pre-School Staff
Mrs. Milah Clark/Director
Mrs. Theresa Staniszewski/Co-Director/Licensing
Mrs. Georgina Kilbride
Mrs. Carol Blanchard
Mrs. Bev Porter
Mrs. Sharon Bickel
Mrs. Laurie Brown
Mrs. Carrie Markey

Developmental Kindergarten/Kindergarten
Mrs. Julie Hiller
Kindergarten Aide: Ms. Laura Jackson

1st Grade
Mrs. Kimberly Becker

2nd Grade
Mrs. Susan Bleet

3rd Grade
Mr. Myril Wilks

4th Grade
Mr. Fred Gast

5th Grade
Mrs. Karen Priehs

6th Grade
Miss Jill Kopper

7th Grade
Miss Gayle Ross

8th Grade
Mr. Warren Priehs
Mrs. Lorri Heins

Ministry Secretaries
Ms. Catherine Hadley
Mrs. Diane Simon

Mr. Kris Klein

Band: Mr. Dean Kratz
Librarian: Mrs. Theresa Staniszewski

Parish Nurse
Mrs. Penny Reddish

Kitchen: Mrs. Tina Snider
Maintenance: Mr. Kermit Wolfe

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