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1) Initial contact with the school (Telephone or in person).
2) Initial Enrollment Application from the school completed.
3) Interview with the principal, student and parent.
4) Non-refundable deposit of Registration Fees.
5) Acceptance of Application by the Principal.
6) Possible examination of existing student records and/or discussion with
current school's counselor.
7) Payment of remaining fees, tuition.

Peace Lutheran School has as its purpose to give a Christian education to as many
children as possible and therefore is anxious to offer the educational program of
its Christian Day School to all of the parents who desire a Christ-centered education
for their children. However, staff and building capacity limit the number of students
that can be enrolled. The order of enrollment eligibility falls into these categories:
1) Children where one or both parents are active members of Peace Lutheran Church.
2) Children of nonchurched parents who are mission prospects.
3) Children of parents from Peace Lutheran Pre-School whose parents do not belong to
Peace Lutheran Church.
4) Children of parents from other Lutheran congregations.
5) Children of parents from other denominations.
Once a child has been accepted and has maintained his/her good standing academically
and spiritually, that child will be permitted to re-enroll for the following year.

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